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Laws of Nature

What is reincarnation?

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The soul is eternal but the body is temporary. Thus when the body is finished (death), the soul must continue to exist in another body.
If a person kills and soon after dies himself. How can he be punished unless he takes birth again? If a sinner is sent to hell forever then how can God be merciful unless he is given another chance?
Once you had the body of a baby and now an adult. The baby body is gone but you still exist. This is reincarnation, changing bodies.
Just as you change bodies in this life, you will also change bodies after this life. Is this hard to accept?
Reincarnation is the passing of the soul from one body to the next. Life is truly a circle of birth, death and re-birth. We never die; we merely change our physical form. There are 8.4 million different forms of bodies; we have been through them all. Being Human is the highest form of Life on this planet.
So why do we keep coming back to life? We are re-born to exhume our Karma. We build our Karma during our life and we must come back to face the reactions to all our actions.
So you still don’t believe in reincarnation?

Forensic evidence of reincarnation.

Is there a scientific basis for reincarnation? Indian forensic scientist Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan is trying to prove reincarnation is real. He has presented his findings at the National Conference of Forensic Scientists in India.
Chauhan has discovered a six-year-old boy named Taranjijt Singh who says he remembers his previous life. According to his parents, he’s been talking about this since he was two years old and used to run away from home. The boy knew the village he lived in during his former life, as well as his and his father’s names. He knew the name of the school he attended as well. On September 10, 1992, he was riding his bike home when he was hit by a motor scooter. He received head injuries and died the next day.
His present father, Ranjit Singh, says as the boy became more and more insistent, so he and his wife went to the village where he claimed to have lived in the past. At first, they couldn’t find anyone who resembled the descriptions of his former parents. Then someone told him to go to another nearby village, where they met a teacher at the local school who confirmed the story of the motor scooter accident. They found out where the boy had lived and went there to meet the parents.

Why is life up and down?

One day we are really happy, another day we are really upset. Why? Why aren’t we happy all the time or sad all the time?
The answer is ‘Due to the Law of Karma’.
When we are happy, we are reaping the benefits of our good actions, which we took in the past. When we suffer, we are being punished for the bad actions, which we took in the past. It’s common sense really. You get what you deserve. No one is happy all the time or sad all the time, because everyone takes some good actions and some bad actions every day, the result of our good and bad actions will be happiness and suffering in the future which will be in proportion to our actions. Thus life is full of ups and downs.
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Death is just around the corner.

“One who has taken his birth is sure to die, and after death one is sure to take birth again.”(Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 2.27)
But for some reason, you are unwilling to accept this fact?
You may think that while death may come to others, you will some how continue to live forever. You will hear about others dying, but it never comes to your mind that you could be next. The whole situation is like that of a slaughterhouse where one animal is being slaughtered and another one is busy munching grass and doesn’t realize that it will be next. This is ignorance.
“From the highest planet in the material world down to the lowest, all are places of misery wherein repeated birth and death take place. But one, who attains to my abode, O son of Kunté, never takes birth again.”(Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 8.16)
Material life is full of calamities. The less intelligent persons try to adjust to those calamities, as they have no information on the abode of the Lord, which is full of bliss and without a trace of calamity. The intelligent persons try to give up attachment for this material world.
You may think that your life is very comfortable as you have money, big house, nice cars, beautiful partner etc.. But what is the value of this so-called comfortable life, if one day you are going to lose everything and be slaughtered by nature? What to speak of your next life, which may be in the animal kingdom?
The animals in the slaughterhouse live very comfortably, but they are only waiting to be hacked to death. The same goes for you too.
The animals cannot escape the wrath of the butcher, and you cannot escape the wrath of nature. But you have a choice of either going through the whole drama of material life (birth, old age, disease, death) again, again, and again, or become free from material life (no death, no marital problems, no taxes, no disease, no poverty, no wars, no terrorism, no anxiety and so on)
The souls in the plants and animals are on a fixed cycle of transmigration from one body to the next in the plant and animal kingdoms. They will have to go through 8 million births before they get a human birth.
The humans have been through the 8 million births in the plant and animal kingdoms. But if a human being misuses or fails to utilize the higher consciousness, then he (the soul) will once again have to go through the 8 millions births in the plant and animal kingdoms. Only a complete fool would waste this rare human birth.
Only by engaging in Bhakti Yoga (devotional service onto Lord Krishna) can a human being become free from material life and go to the kingdom of God, called Goluka Vrindavan, the abode of Lord Krishna. Where there is no old age, no disease, no taxes, no wars, no terrorism, no depression.
Where you will be in 50 years time is a serious thought to consider now, because you won’t be here.

Is there life after death?

What will happen to me after death?
The non-Vedic religions preach that this is the only life and after this life, we wait in our grave for the day of judgment and on that day we are either sent to hell or heaven forever. This means that for the sinners there is no second chance, as they will go to hell forever. They also preach that those who don’t follow their religion will go to hell forever.
This philosophy raises some serious questions:
  • What happens to those who die in fires? Are they gone forever through no fault of their own?
  • What happens to those who are cremated? Are they gone forever?
  • If this is the only life, then why is everyone born in different conditions? Some are born rich, some poor, some healthy, some diseased, some die at an early age, some live longer, some suffer more than others, and so on.
  • Out of the billions who have been dead and buried, has anyone risen (resurrected) from their grave yet?
  • When will the dead rise from their grave (be resurrected)?
The good news is that there is a religion, which preaches that God is merciful to all and thus know-one, is sent to hell forever. Everyone gets not one but unlimited chances.
According to the Vedic scriptures, the oldest known to mankind. There is hell, heaven, and something beyond them, the spiritual universe called Vaikuntha. Hell and heaven are temporary but the spiritual universe is permanent.
What happens to the sinners?
After this life the sinners will take birth on one of the hellish planets and after their punishment is over they will again return to this or other Earthly planets in a suitable body (human or animal) and conditions of life (rich, poor, diseased, healthy etc..).
What happens to the good?
After this life the pious will take birth on one of the heavenly planets and when their pious credit is over, they will again return to this or other Earthly planets in a suitable body (human) and conditions of life (rich, poor, diseased, healthy etc..).

Description of life on the helish planets.

What exactly is hell? The Vedic scriptures describe hell as planets where the sinners are taken after this life for their punishment.
The following are statements from the Srimad Bhagavatam canto 5.
There are thousands of hellish planets. Here are the names and details of life on some of these hellish planets. Each planet is meant for punishing the humans according to their sins.
What Punishment Awaits Animal Killers?
In this life, an envious person commits violent acts against many living entities. After death, such a person is taken to hell by Yamarāja. And those living entities that were hurt by him appear as animals called rurus to inflict very severe pain upon him. This hell is called Raurava. Not generally seen in this world, the ruru is more envious than a snake.
Punishment in the hell called Mahāraurava is compulsory for a person who maintains his own body by hurting others. In this hell, ruru animals known as kravyāda torment him and eat his flesh.
For the maintenance of their bodies and the satisfaction of their tongues, cruel persons cook poor animals and birds alive. Such persons are condemned even by man-eaters. In their next lives they are carried by the Yamadūtas to the hell known as Kumbhīpāka, where they are cooked in boiling oil.
If a human being kills or torments insignificant creatures. The Supreme Lord punishes such a person by putting him into the hell known as Andhakūpa, where he is attacked by all the birds and beasts, reptiles, mosquitoes, lice, worms, flies, and any other creatures he tormented during his life. They attack him from all sides, robbing him of the pleasure of sleep. Unable to rest, he constantly wanders about in the darkness. Thus in Andhakūpa his suffering is just like that of a creature in the lower species.
Those who hunt and kill animals unnecessarily, he is placed after death into the hell known as Prāṇarodha. There the assistants of Yamarāja make him their targets and pierce him with arrows.

What is Karma?

Do you have the answers to the following questions?
  • Why are some born healthy and some with severe health problems?
  • Why do some people suffer more than others?
  • Why do some people live a good life and some a miserable one?
  • Why is life full of ups and downs? One day we are happy, another day we are sad
  • Why do some people die from diseases like cancer and some naturally?
  • Why are some people born more fortunate than others?
  • Why is there a difference between each person’s lives?
  • Why do some children suffer from birth and die at very young age?
Sanatan Dharma is the only religion which can answer all of the above questions, and with complete satisfaction.
A Christian woman went to a Christian preacher and asked him why her young son had died at a young age. The Christian preacher could not give her an answer. She found the answer to her satisfaction in the Bhagavad-Gita.
The answers to all the above questions is:
The Law of Karma
For every action you take there will be a reaction in the future. This is the law of Karma.

What is right and what is wrong?

  • Killing is wrong, humans or animals. Thus no meat eating, no eggs, no leather goods like sofa, car seats etc. Leather is made from cows.
  • Sex before marriage is wrong, sex outside marriage is wrong. Thus no girlfriends/boyfriends. In Vedic culture a girl with a boyfriend is called a prostitute.
  • Taking intoxications is wrong. Thus no drugs, no alcohol, and no smoking.
  • Gambling is wrong. This means no betting on horses. No playing cards/games for money. One should not even visit gambling cities (like Las Vegas). By visiting a gambling city, you are supporting gambling and thus gambling indirectly.
  • Having disrespect for others is wrong. Everyone (regardless of religion, color, fat, thin, good looking, ugly looking, old etc.) should be greatly respected. The eldest should be given the greatest respect.
  • Not socializing with friends and relatives is wrong. This means one should visit the friends and relatives as often as possible. Even some animals socialize. So those who do not socialize are lower than the animals.
  • Not being compassionate is wrong. Being compassionate is one of the most important human qualities. The first chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita is all about how compassionate Arjuna was to even those who wanted to kill him. Lord Krishna only gives divine knowledge (BG) to such compassionate people.
  • Not being considerate of others is wrong. One should always be considerate of others at all times. Always consider the welfare, well-being, and safety of others before yours.
  • Not being charitable is wrong. One should give a portion of all income in charity to competent temples and the poor on a regular basis (whenever the income is received). Giving charity to unworthy people or to in-competent temples is a waste.
Competent temples are those that give knowledge (preach) on a daily or weekly basis and have qualified Brahmans who are based on qualifications and not because of birth. The Bhagavad-Gita clearly states that one can only become a Brahman by qualifications and not by birth.
In-competent temples are those that give no knowledge (no preaching) and have Brahmans who are based on birth and not qualifications.
The Divine Qualities
  • Non-violence
  • Truthfulness
  • Simplicity
  • Charity
  • Self-control
  • Austerity
  • Cleanliness
  • Forgivenes
The Demonic Qualities
  • Violence
  • Untruthful
  • Materialism
  • Pride
  • Arrogance
  • Conceit
  • Lust
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Harshness
  • Ignorance
  • Ego

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