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Please Preach Sanatan-Dharma Values and Save Humanity

Please Preach Sanatan-Dharma Values and Save Humanity

Vedic culture means no killing, no slavery, no hatred, no aggressors, no wickedness, no exploitation, universal brotherhood, freedom of religion/speech/thought, and full knowledge of God.
Non-Vedic culture means killing, slavery, hatred, aggressors, wickedness, exploitation,  no universal brotherhood, no freedom of religion/speech/thought, and unknown God (godlessness).
It is very important to learn yourself and then teach the philosophy of the Eternal Religion (Sanatan-Dharma) to your children and others. By not teaching the Vedic values to others, humans become degraded into following non-Vedic cultures. Thus become killers, slavers, haters, aggressive, wicked, exploiters, narrow minded, and Godless.

Real Religion is Eternal with a Real God
Sanatan-Dharma is the only religion that is universal, eternal, with a real, seen, and proven God, and personal service to God with Deity worship. Unfortunately due to lack of preaching it has diminished and the other religions which are not eternal, not universal, and with God completely unknown, unseen, and unknowable are flourishing due to preaching. Using a strategy of false hopes, false knowledge, and instilling fear of hell if they didn’t follow. Those who are intelligent will see the truth and realize that
God is real, seen, proven, and eternal. His religion is also eternal, Sanatan-Dharma.
What You Can Do to Promote the Real Religion
Please download unique charts/posters with Vedic knowledge and distribute them to others and help promote the truth. If you have created your own posters, which are unique and potent, please send to and these will be distributed to others.
Email: info [-@-]  (remove the ‘[]-‘)
I have printed and placed these charts in 6 Temples and will place them in more Temples this year. Please do the same and help to promote the truth, Sanatan-Dharma.  If you wish, you can also let me know where you place them, for my record and to inspire others.
Go to the folders within the above link, open the files and right click mouse and choose ‘Save page as’ to download the pdf files. Have the pdf files printed in color, place in picture frame, hang on wall, and help spread the truth.
I presented all the unique charts/posters to devotees who very much appreciated the new vision.
I will place more charts in this folder, as I create them.
The 'Creation Tree' chart on the beck and the 'God is One' banner on the right in ISKCON Baroda preaching room. booth at the International Yoga day event in Irvine, CA , on 21JUN2015.
At ISKCON Baroda, after presenting the unique charts/posters.

This is an ISKCON Temple in Gujarat. I placed Bhagavad-Gita verses on plates in Gujarati and English. People cannot miss them as they are at the entrance. People do read them and benefit. On a single day at least a few hundred people read these verses and thousands during festivals. We have to do our work, provide the knowledge and then leave the result of whether people become serious devotees or not to Lord Krishna.

This is a picture of me at ISKCON Phoenix with some of the my posters in the back. Using the walls to spread Vedic values does work and so why waste the space?

Temples Must Use Walls to Preach

The walls are there, why keep them empty? Everything is Krishna’s  energy (Bhagavad-Gita 9.10), including the walls. Use His walls for preaching His instructions, mainly the Bhagavad-Gita.
Preaching is the Highest Bhakti
“For one who explains the supreme secret to the devotees, devotional service is guaranteed, and at the end he will come back to Me. There is no servant in this world more dear to Me than he, nor will there ever be one more dear.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 18.68-69)
“One who liberally imparts these instructions to My devotees is the bestower of the Absolute Truth, and to him I give My very self. (Lord Krishna, Uddhava Gita 23.26 (Chapter titled ‘Bhakti-Yoga’))
Many ISKCON and non-ISKCON Temples around the world are using the preaching material created by Please give up your personal pleasure/leizure and join them for the benefit of Sanatan-Dharma and humanity.
God is Eternal
We (souls) are Eternal
Time is Eternal
Matter is Eternal
His Teachings are Eternal
His Religion is Sanatan-Dharma
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